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Jeremy & Verity Dixon - Revive Cafe

Revive Café

"Meat Free Mondays is an excellent idea which Revive are happy to support.

We too believe that a diet with less animal products promotes greater health and vitality. Get stuck in and try the healthy recipes and you will discover that having less meat can be tasty and you will feel great!"

- Jeremy & Verity Dixon, Revive Cafe

Like what you see? Check out the Revive Cafe Cookbooks in our online store. All proceeds support the Meat Free Monday Campaign.

4C Salad

Revive Cafe

This is one of our original classic salads that is fresh, tasty and colourful! 4C stands for carrot, coriander, cashews and coconut which all blend well together!

Pad Thai Noodle Salad

Revive Cafe

We sell this recipe as a salad (cold) at Revive. However it is traditionally a hot main course noodle dish so you can also prepare as such or serve warm!

Revive Muesli (Granola)

Revive Cafe

Some muesli recipes insist you cook for two hours - however this one is done in 20 minutes and tastes great. You will also save a lot as this is cheaper than store bought muesli.

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