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Five ideas for dealing with food waste

Food waste comprises 50% of all household waste to landfill. Food waste that rots in landfills releases methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas. On the other hand, that's allowed to decompose naturally becomes a valuable resource.

Industry fight against Meatless Monday won't stop consumer trend

Although this is a far cry from turning everyone into a vegan, the meat industry has vehemently criticized efforts by government agencies to support Meatless Mondays.

The Ripple Effect of Meatless Monday: Can it Extend to China?

The Meatless Monday team have recently focused their attention on making inroads into China, where the population consumes about 71 million tons of meat a year.

Cut red meat intake and don't eat ham, say cancer researchers

World Cancer Research Fund advises people to limit consumption of beef, pork and lamb and avoid processed meat

National Vegetarian Week: Try going without meat for a week

Nutritionist Louise Pyne looks at the benefits – ethical and health – of being a vegetarian

Harvard findings on Red meat and colon cancer

A meta-analysis of 29 studies of meat consumption and colon cancer concluded that a high consumption of red meat increases risk by 28%, and a high consumption of processed meat increases risk by 20%.

Wine Pairings Add Flair to Meatless Monday Dishes

Complex, unique flavors of vegetable-based dishes are enhanced when paired with selected wines and beers.

Greens boost optimism

Another good reason to eat your greens: It makes you more optimistic about the future

Meaty issue prompts Vancouver mayor’s decree

Vancouver is set to become the first city in Canada to officially put the idea of giving up meat for a day on the table.

New York school drops meat from the menu

A New York school has become the first in the US to serve only meat-free lunches to its pupils.

Replace meat with mushrooms to lose weight

Looking to lose weight? Try ditching red meat and eating mushrooms instead.