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Chef Recipes

French Bean, Roquefort & Walnut Salad

Meat Free Monday Cookbook

Roquefort is a ‘blue’ cheese matured in the caves of Mont Combalou in Southern France.
Made from sheep’s rather than cow’s milk, it is similar to Stilton but creamier and sharper. Like its English cousin, it goes extremely well with walnuts.

Paella Verdures

Meat Free Monday Cookbook

This recipe showcases summer vegetables like courgettes and fresh peas. Sweet pimentón
(ground red pepper) and saffron are essential to any authentic paella.

Rosti with Mushrooms

Meat Free Monday Cookbook

Rösti is a Swiss dish made by forming grated potato into cakes or patties, which are then fried. The outer flakes caramelise delectably during the frying, while the insides remain soft.

Spinach Tart

Meat Free Monday Cookbook

Spinach is good for you, being rich in iron, Vitamin A and antioxidants — but it is also one of the tastiest vegetables around. It goes particularly well with cheese, as in this scrumptious tart.

Split Pea Dhal & Cauliflower Curry

Meat Free Monday Cookbook

An estimated 40 per cent of Indians are vegetarian, so it’s no surprise that the nation has
perfected the art of meat-free cooking. This recipe proves the point.

Watercress soup with toasted almonds

Meat Free Monday Cookbook

Watercress makes you feel alive. It is packed with iron and has more than enough flavour to carry a dish. Linda used to do a version of this soup, which is incredibly easy to make.

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